We’d been warned many times about the mountain of paperwork that comes with adoption. With the Lord’s help we’re on the other side of the paperwork mountain and are pleased to report it was not as overwhelming as you might think. We would do it over a million times, and it really was nothing in the big scheme of things. Not long after I’d been neck deep in home study forms and grant applications we realized this had all made a clear impression on our children as well.

I had the pleasure of teaching Tommy in K5 this year at our beloved homeschool cooperative. One day, another student was proudly sharing photos of her new cousin who had recently made it home from China through international adoption. As everyone awed over the happy pictures I reminded them (in my teacher voice) that in the same way this child who was once far away now had a mama and daddy and a forever family so too anyone who repents and believes in Jesus is adopted into God’s forever family. Without missing a beat Tommy said, “Yeah, but Jesus didn’t have to do all this paperwork.”